Will of Alfred C. Anderson – 1858 to 1952


I, Alfred C. Anderson, of Bloomington, Franklin County, Nebraska, do hereby revoke all wills and codicils, as well as all other instruments of a testamentary nature, heretofore made by me, and do hereby make publish and declare this to be my Last Will and Testament, in manner and form following:

First: I direct that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid as soon as conveniently may be done.

Second. I nominate, constitute and appoint my son George Anderson Executor of this my Last Will and Testament, if he survive me. If he does not survive me I then appoint my son Glen Anderson Executor of this my Last Will and Testament.

Third. I hereby direct that my Executor convert all of my property into cash as soon after my death as may be conveniently done and I hereby grant him full power and authority to sell and convey all of my property whether real or personal and to make, execute, and deliver deeds, bills of sale and any other legal instruments necessary to effect said sales without any order of any court. After all my property has been converted into cash I direct my Executor to divide same into seven equal shares or parts and I hereby give and bequeath one of these equal shares, or parts to each of my following named children to wit: Mabel Dunn, Glen Anderson, Hazel Greening, Elsie Waring, Mary Hill and George Anderson, or said part to be divided equally to their legal heirs if any of my children should predecease me. The remaining one seventh share or part, I direct shall be held by my Executor for the use and benefit of the four children of my deceased son William Anderson whose names are Robert, Marvin, Arlen and Carol Anderson. I direct my said Executor to use their one seventh share or part for the best interests and well being using one-fourth of said one seventh share for the benefit of each of them. In the event my Executor should die before paying out all of the one seventh share to the children of my son William I then direct the balance shall be paid to their legal guardian.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have on this 31st day of October, 1949, signed, sealed, published and declared the foregoing instrument, as, and for my Last Will and Testament, in the presence of each and all of the subscribing witnesses, each of whom I have requested in the presence of each of the others to subscribe his name, as an attesting witness, in my presence and in the presence of the others.

Alfred C. Anderson

The foregoing instrument was subscribed, sealed, published and declared by Alfred C. Anderson, the testator above named, as, and for, his Last Will and Testament, in our presence, and in the presence of each of us, and we, at the same time, at his request, and in his presence, and in the presence of each other hereunto subscribe our names as attesting witnesses this 31st day of October, 1949.

Leon Samuelson

C. Firman Samuelson

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