Will of Paul Razor

I, Paul Razor of Shelby County, Kentucky...past debts and funeral expenses be paid. Second, after the payment of my debts and funeral expenses I leave and bequeath to my wife Mary C. Razor all my estate both real and personal...under the superintending care of my executors, during her natural life and at her death the whole estate to be sold and the proceeds thereof to be divided as herein after written.

Third, having given to my sons, Abraham and William, part of the estate by way of advancement, I give to Abraham, in addition to what he has received, the sum of one hundred dollars to be paid to him at the partition of my estate; and to the heirs of my son,

William, deceased, I give, in addition, the them the sum of one dollar and no more to them and their heirs.

Fourth, the residue of my estate when sold is to be equally divided between my sons and daughters, to wit: John Razor, Harman Razor, Catherine Wiseheart, Jacob Razor, Adam Razor, Mary Razor, George Razor, Paul Razor and Rebecca Lee, each son and daughters’ part to be paid to them or their legal representatives as soon as the money can be conveniently collected by my executors; except that of Catherine Wisehart out at interest upon the best safe terms she can be had and pay over to her the interest which shall be received by them to be used by her support and the support of her children, and at the death of said Catherine the money to be equally divided between her children. And my executors will also put out to interest the share intended for my son Paul Razor and when the interest shall be received by my said executors and shall think best, to be applied to the support and maintenance of the children of my said son Paul as long as said Paul shall live and at his death the share put to interest to be equally divided between all said Paul’s children born in lawful wedlock. I hereby appoint Adam Razor, Daniel Frazier executors of this my last will and testament. This 8 day of August 1833.

Paul (his mark) Razor

Witnesses: Hortia M. Frazier, John Frazier, Pulaski Frazier

Presented and recorded in court in June 1835

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