Who would have thought that from the loins of all the Royal houses in Europe would come a Bloomington homemaker? Where do I start? Jessie Trevett’s lineage has been traced back to the year 6 AD, to date. But first things first, I guess.

Mary Anderson and Ted S. Hill were born and raised in Bloomington. They went to Smith Center to get married on the 16th day of October 1931. She was the daughter of Anna May Olson and Carlos Anderson. Ted was the son of Fenton Hill and Mary Williams Hill.

Anna May was born, raised and died in the Bloomington area. Carlos came to the area as a young man from Missouri. (Since this is a dissertation on Jessie’s family, I won’t go into the Carlos Anderson story right now.)

Now we’ll try to map out some pedigrees.


Anna May was the daughter of Aaron Olson and Jessie Trevett.

Jessie was the daughter of Albina Trevett and Hyman Trevett (2nd cousins)

Albina was the daughter of Asa Trevett (Married Polly McLean)

Hyman was the son of Lewis Trevett (married Sarepta Matthews). Here it gets a little confusing. See the pedigree chart to understand

Asa was the son of Benjamin Trevett II (who married Hannah Rice), and the nephew of Lewis, the brother of Benjamin. Therefore Hyman and Albina were 2nd cousins.

Benjamin Trevett II was the son of Benjamin C. Trevett and Phoebe Carter.

Benjamin C. Trevett was the son of Eleazar Trevett and Mary Church.

Mary Church was the daughter of Constant Church and Patience Cook (Patience Cook is a direct line ancestor of Francis Cooke who was a Mayflower passenger)

Constant Church was the son of Capt. Benjamin Church and Alice Southworth. The Southworth line also goes back to Plymouth Colony and it is this line that goes back into the biblical times.

Capt. Benjamin Church was the son of Richard Church and Elizabeth Warren.

Elizabeth Warren was the daughter of Richard Warren and Elizabeth Jovell/Jovatt/? Richard Warren was a signer of the Mayflower Compact. He died in 1628, not long after coming here. There is quite a bit of history about him and his descendants in most Plymouth Colony Books. We can leave that for a later edition, too.

To print a pedigree chart is not feasible. It would take approximately 400 pages. Suffice it to say every royal line in Europe, the United Kingdom, the Byzantine Empire, The Holy Roman Empire and Russia is quoted. Following the end of this I will list the Countries up to and through "N" in the alphabetical surname list.

I will send you a copy of the pedigree back to the Mayflower, though. It will involve several pages, so have fun reading it. I might also say that there are several lines besides the Trevett line, which I have back into England, etc.

Hyman and Albina Trevett had 18 children but only 7 lived to adulthood. They lived in Erie County New York around 1857 when they moved to Madison, Dane County, Wisc. around 1863. In 1871 they moved to Smith County, Kansas and homesteaded in the Thornburg and Reamsville area. They lived there until their deaths. They were buried in the Thornburgh cemetery, located about 11 miles north of Smith Center, Kansas.

Of their children, Frank, Jenny and Myra remained on the old homestead, until 1914, when they moved to Akron, CO, where they remained until their deaths. They, too, are buried in the Thornburgh cemetery.

Wade married Mrs. Charlotte Burns who had one boy (Leslie). They did not have children of their own, but took one girl to raise as their own (Julia). Leslie and Julia married each other when they were grown and had Leroy, Harold, Larry and Violet. Violet died as a young girl.

Myra never married.

Jennie married a man named Hays.

Nellie married Silas Troyer. She died in 1928 and is buried in the Germantown cemetery, north of Kensington. They never had children but raised a girl, Effie.

Frank never married.

Herbert, as far as is known, remained in Springville, New York. He married a lady named Addie and they had 2 children, Fillmore and Ella.

Jessie, the object of this story, was born 22 March 1857 in Erie county, NY and married Aaron Olson, from Arendall, Norway (son of Ole Jacobsen Olson and Helga Arneson). They went to live on his homestead between Naponee and Bloomington. They were married in 1876 and had 10 children, 8 of whom lived. Those children were: Albert who died as an infant, Helga (married Arthur Townsend), Albert Lewis (married Lana Prigga), Alfred Daly (married Hannah Thielen), Anna Mae (married Alfred Carlos Anderson), Arthur Raymond (married Myrtle V. Wheaton), Hannah (Married Charles Johnson), Lillian (married Charles Lloyd Miller), Nellie Olson (never married) and her twin Nettie Olson. Nettie died lacking one day being 1 year old.

Aaron died 4 Jun 1907 and Jessie died 7 Apr 1921. Both are buried in Bloomington.

Following the lineage of Anna May, there are approximately 100 grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great great grandchildren and great-great-great grandchildren. This does not take into consideration the lines of the rest of Jessie and Aaron’s children. They would number many hundreds if all the names were known.























Holy Roman Empire










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